The year 2012 will be the year when CIPAP members will focus on conducting Wellness Missions in as many areas of the Philippines that we can muster to do.

The Wellness Missions areas will be chosen in places where there is a Certified Iridollogist who will be in charge of the area after the first meeting with the residents is done.  Each Wellness Mission will be conducted with the coordination of the local government officials. Each one will be conducted by a group of at least 5 Comprehensive Iridollogists.  As we are all going to help people have better health, we must start each with a lecture on how to change to a natural lifestyle. The basic rules to be followed to live a healthy life will be taught and explained with the benefits fully shown to all.

The main purpose of these wellness missions is to teach the community preventive medicine and to use natural remedies.  The Iridollogists will also use Homeopathic medicine which they themselves will make in order to have the most common remedies at hand at all times at a minimum cost.

The focus of the missions is to read the irises of children 6 years and above together with thier parents so that the whole family will be informed of thier genetic deficiencies and therefore learn  how to improve their diets, lifetstyle and emotional status in order to achieve a healthy, long and happy life.

CIPAP members who wish to join the wellness missions can email  for your intent and we shall inform you of the schedules for the planning and briefing for the missions.  
Additional annoucements will be made in this website and through email to all members.

We too are accepting donations for these wellness missions.  If you have it in your heart to help spread preventive medicine and natural healing, please donate to CIPAP and deposit to the account number as shown in the donate page.  Food supplements and herbs will also be appreciated as these will definitely be needed by those in the chosen areas.

As mentioned in the mission and vision of  CIPAP we will honor the expertise of existing members who have manufacturing facilities for herbs and food supplements and we will purchase what we need from members who have what we need.

CIPAP members, please join and give your wonderful energies to the fulfillment of our goal to spread wellness using IRIDOLLOGY as our analytical tool to lead others to perfect health.


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