CIPAP is composed of three levels of members.

 We have the CCI who are members who have successfully completed all the requirements of IIPA-PINS to qualify and be designated as a CCI or Certified Comprehensive Iridollogist and recognized internationally.

We currently have a sub level under CCI called QCCI, and these are members who have taken the certification exams but do not have the required 90 hours of Anatomy and Physiology lessons.  As soon as this requirement is completed, they will be elevated to the CCI status.

 We have the CI who are members who have successfully completed Level 1 and 2 .  These members have not taken the IIPA qualifying examinations and have not completed other certification prerequisites. However, they enjoy the designation CI or Comprehensive Iridollogist.

Third, we have the members who have either partially completed  Level 1 and 2, and may have administration requirements they need to fulfill ( like the required practicum and take home test)  to fully qualify as a  recognized CI. They have categorized as QCI's or Qualifying Comprehensive Iridollogist. 

Lastly, we are giving due recognition to the medical doctors who have taken our Comprehensive Iridollogy Course and have proven that they belong to the elite breed of allopathic doctors who  have open minds and hearts to accept the advances of natural healing and give honor to the Ultimate Doctor, the God within each one of us.

Please check our Menbers List.

  • CCI Members

    The following is a list of qualified Comprehensive Iridollogists who have successfully passed the qualifying examination given by IIPA and completed all requirements to deserve the designation of CCI.

  • CI Members

    The following is a listing of all those who took the Comprehensive Iridollogy course Level 1 and 2 and have submitted all the requirements to deserve the designation CI.

  • Doctors
  • QCI Members

    The following is a listing of those who took Comprehensive Iridollogy Seminars and have not completed all the requirements to pass the Course.

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