Your Iridollogist will examine the details of your iris color, structure and pigmentation. This can be done several ways. Using magnification, the iris can be observed with a hand held magnifying glass and a pen light, or by using a slit-lamp - an ophthalmologic instrument that stabilizes your chin and forehead while the iridollogist looks through a microscope. Others use iris imaging, pictures can be taken with film cameras onto slides or print film, or by digital photography displayed on a computer screen. These tools greatly help the Iridollogist see
a complete picture of the iris and do a detailed study of all the markings in the colored portion of your eye.

Then your iridollogist will present their analysis to you after careful study.. Often they will consider the iris information along with other pieces of your health puzzle - inlcuding your environment (diet & lifestyle), psychological and emotional influences and age - therefore seeing a complete picture to your health status and guide you to a direction of perfect health.

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