IIP A has a three level course that teaches comprehensive Iridology and focuses on the more Advance European Model which has been scientifically researched for more then a hundred years now. Clinical evidence via x-rays, ultra sound, autopsy analysis and other scientific methods, verify the basic tenets of Iridollogy and it's widely used in Europe as an adjunct tool of analysis for medical doctors and other health care practitioners. Level three requires the Completion of an Anatomy and Physiology course from an accredited school.

IIPA through it's only Certified Instructor in the Philippines,Ms. Elizabeth A. Micaller, ND. PhD has been mandated to help clarify the role of iridollogy in the health care industry in the country & diffuse the information that Comprehensive Iridollogy as it is taught by IIPA is not disease oriented but is a science to show genetic predispositions.

Accurate iridollogy as taught by IIPA is an assessment tool that assists the practitioners in understanding the inherited tendencies a person is born with physically & emotionally, It helps us understand why two people can follow the same diet; exercise program etc. and one will do much better than the other. It allows us to understand the ways we have handled stresses in our lives & even what drives us to do what we do. It shows us where our genetically weak and strong parts of the body are. In fact, the eye even shows us where we can have problems in the future if we do not make the needed changes in our lives in areas such as diet, exercise, stress management, work conditions & more.

An IIPA certified Iridolloglst can help design an improvement program for your specific needs based on what you predispositions are.

IIPA through its international certificate course aim to remove the "fake untrained iridollogist" that have proliferated the country and act out as medical practitioners. It sets a very high standard and only recipients of the certificate are internationally recognized to practice this science.

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