March 9, 2009

Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care
Unit 2402 Atlanta Condominium, Annapolis St
Greenhills, San Juan, MM

Attn:  Dr. Jovencio F. Ordoña, MD

Director General


With all humility, we would like to introduce for recognition by PITACH, our newly formed organization, namely CIPAP which stands for Comprehensive Iridollogy Practitioners Association of the Philippines. The association which is properly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission has for its members, medical doctors and health enthusiasts who have successfully completed the international course of Comprehensive Iridollogy duly conducted by the International Iridollogy Practitioners Association or IIPA.

IIPA is a United States based umbrella organization that is internationally recognized as a qualified certifying body for students of Iridollogy and has very rigid requirements for its certification.

We have bonded ourselves to distinguish us from the ordinary students who claim to be iridollogists or functional iridollogists and have not studied the latest updates and advancements of the said science and who still rely on outdated data, which often results to erroneous analysis.

We humbly suggest PITACH to establish the first Philippine standard for the science of Iridollogy at the soonest possible time by adapting and or utilizing the standards approved and tested in the United States of America as practiced by IIPA members worldwide.

Enclosed are pertinent documents for our recognition as a legitimate group engaged in the practice of safe iridollogy as a natural and alternative healing practice in consonance with R.A...8423.

Earnestly we anticipate your letter of recognition at the soonest possible time.  We remain,

Very Truly Yours,

Ma. Elizabeth Micaller, PhD, ND, CCII, NMD

Board of Trustee

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