Can you imagine knowing what your inherited strengths and weaknesses are, what chronic disease might be more likely to impact your health, and how your emotional nature can influence this?

The iris acts as our body's blueprint. By understanding it, you have an empowering road map towards optimal health and well being.

Have you ever asked yourself why some people live longer than others? Why some people can abuse their bodies more than others? Why some people get sick while others don't? Physicians seek answers to these questions daily, yet many reasons continue to elude them. Wouldn't you like to understand your health picture better? Let iridollogy and your lridollogist help you.

If you have current health challenges, iris analysis can target contributors to these problems. Once identified, corrective measures can be employed, providing you with an opportunity to get better faster. Because the iris can also reveal the potential for future health risks, preventive measures can be effectively aprlied to reduce these risks.

Truly, Iridollogy is a unique science.  It is non invasive, simple and is worth the time you will give a CCI  or a CI to read the colored portion of your eye. 

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