Here are the basic guidelines for Healthy Living.

Basic Rules of Eating

  1. Avoid fried foods or the use of heated oils.
  2. If you are not happy or in the mood to eat, DO NOT Force Yourself to EAT.
  3. Eat only when you have a keen desire for the plainest food.
  4. Chew your food very well.
  5. Miss meals if in pain, emotionally upset, or not hungry, chilled, overheated or during illness.

 Rules for Getting WELL

  1. Drink half a glass of pure clean water every waking hour.  Add a few drops of lemon for the health of the liver.
  2. Dry skin brush daily before baths.  Have a steam bath or sauna regularly.
  3. Take deep breaths every hour to help get adequate oxygen into all your cells. Do these in areas where you can inhale clean air. Use an air purifier if you can.
  4. Exercise daily, this will move the lymph fluids and help release toxins. Take a Q2 energy spa if you can to enhance your bio-electric field and accelerate healing.
  5. Detoxify your colon and liver.
  6. Take digestive enzymes whenever you eat cooked food.
  7. Learn to forget and forgive. Live in harmony with yourself, your family and neighbors and the whole world if possible.
  8. Learn to accept whatever decision is made and let other persons make a mistake and learn from it.
  9. Be thankful and bless people including you.
  10. DO NOT TALK about your sickness. Do not CLAIM your sickness.
  11. Gossip will kill you. Do not let anyone gossip to you either. Gossip through the grapevine is usually sourgrapes.
  12. Be with yourself alone every day for at least ten minutes with the thought of how to make you a better person.  Replace negative thoughts with uplifting, positive thoughts.
  13. No smoking or drinking of alcohol.
  14. Rest and go to bed at least by ten pm. If you are tired, fatigue and unable to do your work with vim and vigor, rest more.
  15. Sleep with circulating air. Better outdoors or with open windows, out of the city where there is clean air. Keep your room free from negative electromagnetic fields; do not watch television in your room specially before you sleep.
  16. Work out problems in the morning; never bring them to bed with you.

Food Healing Rules

  1. Food must be eaten in its most natural form… 50-60% of food eaten should be raw.
  2. Your diet should be 80% alkaline and 20% acid.
  3. Proportion: 6 vegetables, 2 fruits, 1 starch and 1 protein daily
  4. Variety of proteins, starches, vegetables, and fruits daily, from meal to meal and from day to day must be observed
  5. Overeating: You can kill yourself with the food you eat.
  6. Combinations:  Separate starches and proteins, one at lunch and the other at dinner.
  7. Cook without water, high heat and without air touching hot food.
  8. Bake, broil and roast, never fry.
  9. Use stainless steel, low heat cooking utensils.  It is the modern engineered way of preparing your foods.

Best Quality Foods:  Always Eat These as Often as You Can

  • All organic, unsprayed, in season fresh raw fruits and vegetables
  • All organic, unsprayed, fresh raw vegetables
  • All raw unsalted nuts and seeds, soak first before eating
  • All unsulphured unsprayed dried fruits, soak first before eating
  • All sprouted grains, beans and seeds
  • Selected grasses (wheat grass, barley grass) and their juices
  • Use virgin coconut oil and virgin olive oil
  • Essene type breads

Transition Quality foods …Ok to eat in limited amounts

  • Fresh-frozen and freeze dried veggies
  • Corn chips or other whole grain chips
  • Puto kutchinta and other native delicacies with natural sugar
  • Whole grain flour mixes (pancakes, waffles etc)
  • Granola bars, goodies, sweetened with natural sugar such as honey, pakaskas, panutsa
  • Unsalted butter and plain yogurt (no sugar or chemicals)
  • Rock salt, soured foods (atchara, sauerkraut, without chemical preservatives)
  • Natural style pasta sauces (no chemical preservatives or sugar)
  • All steamed, cooked and baked vegetables (incl. potato, yams squash, etc)
  • Raw honey, raw maple syrup & other natural sweeteners
  • Whole grain oatmeal; Green pasta (spinach, zucchini etc. No white refined flour)
  • Frozen yogurt, home made ice cream with natural sweeteners

Poor Quality Foods…AVOID THESE at all times

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Irradiated foods… foods cooked in the microwave
  • Common table salt
  • Pesticide sprayed foods
  • Chemicalized foods of all kinds… canned goods
  •  All drugs

Diet Guidelines for Wellness





Black or white pepper salt, white vinegar, artificial vinegar

garlic, onions, all herbs, dried vegetables, apple cider vinegar, miso, seaweed, all sea vegetable


All fried fish, all shellfish, raw fish, salted fish, fish canned in oil

All white fish from deep, fresh cold waters, salmon, broiled or baked fish, water packed tuna


Beef, all forms of pork, sausage, hotdog, bacon, luncheon meats, all processed meats, corned beef, duck, goose, ribs, gravies

Skinless turkey or chicken- limit week to 2 times per week


All white flour products including spaghetti and macaroni, crackers, white rice, overly processed oatmeal and cereals

All whole grain products using unprocessed grains: cereal, breads, muffins, crackers, cream of wheat/rice, oats, brown rice, limit yeast breads to 3 times per week


All saturated fats, hydrogenated margarine, refined processed oils, shortenings, hardened oils, saturated oil in mayonnaise, dressings

Virgin Coconut oil, Olive oil, canola, rice bran flaxseed oil, sesame, corn, sunflower, salad dressing from these oils egg less mayonnaise


Canned with salt, preservatives, MSG creamed

Homemade (salt free and fat free) bean, vegetable, brown rice, onion, mushroom, potato, tomato


White, brown or raw sugar, corn syrups, chocolate, sugar candy, all syrups, sugar substitutes, jams and jellies with sugar

Small amounts of raw honey, pure maple syrup, molasses, stevia


Canned, bottled or preserved and rozen with sweetness added

All fresh, frozen, stewed and dried without sweetness


All canned and frozen with salt or additives

All raw, fresh, frozen or home cooked steamed, broiled or baked (uncooked slightly) organic if possible

Sprouts & seeds

Seeds cooked in oil and salted

All sprouts, slightly cooked all raw seeds


Peanuts, all salted or roasted nuts

All raw, fresh nuts (except peanuts) be sure they aren’t rancid and have been kept refrigerated or tightly sealed-cashews only sparingly


Canned pork and beans, canned beans with salt or preservatives, frozen beans with added salt

All beans and legumes cooked without animal fat, salt or preservatives


Alcohol, coffee, cocoa, sodas, pasteurized and sweetened juices, ruit drinks, black tea

Herb Teas, fresh vegetables and                fruit juices, coffee substitutes, cereals, grains from health food stores mineral or purified water bottled juices (without anything added)

Dairy products

All soy cheeses, ice cream, all pasteurized cheese products with orange coloring, milk sour cream, cream cheese (avoid all dairy products to promote the healing process)

Raw, non fat cottage cheese, unsweetened plain yogurt


Fried, raw commercial eggs

  1. or poached and best if free range eggs
  • Refined sugar… all candies and sweets
  • Refined flour… cakes and commercial bread
  • Fried foods, hydrogenated fats & oils…
  • Pasteurized dairy products (except raw unsalted butter, ghee, plain yogurt)
  • Oiled, waxed and chemically treated produce
  • All non organic foods, foods grown in chemicalized fertilizer
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