Have you ever wondered...

  • why some get sick easily and others do not
  • why some can break all the laws of good health and never get sick
  • why some take really good care of themselves but still are subject of all types of ailments
  • what weaknesses or strengths you have inherited from your ancestors,
  • why you have to fight to stay healthy while others do not,
  • why you feel so tired all of the time, or
  • what you can do to prevent any future health issues?

These are just some of the questions that may be answered with the help of Iridollogy.

You’ve heard the term “the eye is the window to the soul” yes it is, and so much more... Your eyes, the iris, pupil and sclera, retain the neuro-physiological imprint of your health history, and it has now proven to be the “window of the body” as well.

You can know yourself inside & out and discover your hidden strengths and weaknesses, constitutional vigor, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and the status of all the major organs in your body, all through the science of Iridollogy.

There are billions of inhabitants in the world and did you know that there are no two irides (plural of iris) that are the same? The color and structure of the fibers vary in each one and there are said to be more than 200 differentiating signs that can be charted in the iris. Modern
technology is now using the iris as the main identification mark for an individual as it has ten times greater security than the fingertips. It is the various colors, flecks, marks, shades, rings, striations and pits that make each iris different.


What is Iridollogy?
Why Iridollogy is so Minunderstood?
What to expect from iridollogist?
The History of Iridollogy.
How Iridollogy can benefit you.
What is PINS-IIPA Certificate Course.
TAMA law
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Basic Guildines to Healthy Living
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