Now is the perfect time to sign up and be a lifetime member of CIPAP.  This is the best way for our members who can not join the planned Wellness Missions to help make it a success. Our first Scheduled Wellness Mission is on August 25, 2012 in Tatalon , Quezon City.

As you all know, we are doing our Wellness Missions from scratch and we are soliciting the food suplements that we will share with our clients and patients in the chosen areas.  However, additional logistics are needed to be done for the success of these missions and this entails financial costs. We will make our own homeopathic rememdies and we need to buy the raw materials for these aside from other expenses incurred in all happenings like this.

I encourage you all to please sign up now.  Fill in the form in our website or just call or text Lyra Balog, our Corporate Secretary who will assist you in completing the requirements.

We shall be issuing a Lifetime Member ID and a CIPAP pin and Certificare with your enrollment with CIPAP.  In line with this we want this ID to be complete and to be accepted as a legal ID with all the government given details for each individual.

Our fee for this year 2012 is on promotion (P1500 instead of P5000) so I expect, as a practicing Iridollogist, you grab this opportunity and help contribute to the growth of our advocacy in the Philippines.

A fee of P1500.00 will include a Valid ID, Pin and your own webpage on, and of course - a lifetime member with CIPAP.

For payment and  further details, please call Lira at the details provided below.

Here are the datas we will require from each paid CIPAP lifetime member:
(Do copy-paste these info on your email for you to fill-out easily)

Complete Legal Name:
Date of Birth:

Active email Address:

Active/permanent mobile number:

(Any 2 of the following)

TIN #:
Passport #:
PRC License #:
Senior Citizens ID/ Other Govt issued IDs - please specify:
Desired Title/Designation: (NHP/AHP/MD/NMD/CI/CCI,etc.)
Exact Date of Iridollogy Certification: (i.e. Aug 2008)
Contact in case of emergency:  Name, address and contact number.

Cipap will also link your name to a private page when you become a lifetime member.  This will have information about your activities as a Comprehensive Iridollogist. Kindly provide the following:

Business/ Clinic Name:
Business description:
Contact Numbers:
On your email, please attach your Signature (on a clean-white piece of paper) and a clear 2x2 photo id or a jpeg format id picture. 
Please  double check info and spelling provided (ID will be free with your lifetime membership payment but corrections and second printing shall be charged onto you)

Please indicate if you have paid your membership and provide receipt details. 
(Disregard info request if you have already provided.)

I suggest that you all sign up now and help make our Wellness Mission a great success.  This will be a first in the Philippines and even worldwide.  Ours will be a medical mission with a twist to start lifestyle changes to make a CURE happen in the lives of the people we will touch.

Enroll now and email me or Lyra/Lira the needed details at  or 

or text Lyra at 0939-261-1465.  Remember, there are very many Iridologist in the Philippines but there are only a few legitimate Comprehensive Iridologists and we need to make our presence known and spread the REAL, TRUE, and SCIENTIFIC Iridollogy that we all practice.

Thank you all for your help and cooperation.

Iridollogy in the Bible

Luke 11:34
‘The lamp of the body is your eye. When your eye is sound, then your whole body is filled with light, but when it is bad, then your body is in darkness’

Matthew 6:22
‘The light of the body is the eye.  If therefore thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light, but if thine eye be evil, the whole body shall be full of darkness’


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Class Schedule

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